Business Poli-Sci: The Corporate Con Game

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Corporate Con Game

There is an innocuous activity in the United States of America. It is well known and completely illegal. Affecting commerce, to tax is to destroy. Amendment 16 of the US Constitution states that any amount of money collected by government is a tax

Currently, there are laws to protect citizens from identity and credit card theft. The fines are excessive. Amendment 4, 6 and 7 of the US Constitution state that unreasonable and excessive punishment (including fines) are illegal. Any illegal contract is considered void. The entire written contract is void since the red-line veto and similar amendment for contracts was voted down.

This is a huge issue for the United States. There is already a lineage regarding similar infractions of the law. New laws are being formed, since it has been otherwise ignored, by the general public. In fact, though most people do not notice, it has a substantial affect on commerce.

Most people were dazzled by the contracts between the National Football League and National Broadcasting Company. People were stunned and admired the massive penalties in contracts for a minor issue of partial nudity. The only person damaged by the event was singer.

These contracts are illegal. They are not allowed to place restrictive fines and penalties in contracts. It alienates other businesses and has the power to destroy.

A few states are enforcing fines for compliance issues. One law is the personal information act. Businesses have to maintain a level security for consumers personal information. This makes sense. However, fining a company, specifically hospitals, $15,000 does not make sense.

There are laws, legal recourse and federal agencies that handle complaints. It needs to be reported to the appropriate department. Failure to report theft could result in a $300 fine.

It is bizarre how long this has been neglected. People know a person cannot expect to purchase cocaine and go to court if the dealer fails to deliver the cocaine in a week. The contract promotes the sale of contraband. They will be arrested.

How do these excessive fines affect commerce? There was a small business in my old neighborhood. Some of the neighbors did not like there business. There are laws about how far and arcade game can be from a wall. The fines were only $250, $300 or $50 for various critical and sometimes malicious laws. A customer walk in, acts excited and pushes it into a wall before the inspector arrives. They lost their business.

There is no way a small business can absorb $15,000 fines. That gives license to bankrupt anyone who owns a business. The fines are so high people can start picking and choosing which corporations are allowed in the United States.

Would it be difficult the send a couple employees or relatives to a competitor for the sole purpose of bankrupting the competition? It would not be that difficult. PCI Compliance states they cannot have cellphones near computers in offices. A person could have their cellphone on and though no theft occurred, the company will have to give most, if any of their profits to another corporation or company.

The proper procedure is to report the employee. If identity or credit card theft occurred, a case is built.

Businesses do not have an endless amount of money. If all businesses go out-of-business, there are no jobs. There might be one or two winners. Businesses make deals to get out of trouble and get out of paying employees.

Money laundering through insurance and other companies is a known con game. Technically they made money through illegal means when signing an illegal contract.

When they are fined, they go to bailouts and insurance companies. Insurance companies get bailout money. They made a contract to give their friend $50,000 if they break some obscure law. Then they get their $50,000 from insurance companies or government bailouts. The insurance company buffers the loss through federal insurance or government bailouts.

How does this affect employees? Even though Janet Jackson's reputation was damaged the fine showing a nipple are so high she receives nothing for damages.

That is how lawsuits are solved. The only amount awarded to the a plaintiff or defendant is in the amount of damages. If there are no damages, money is not exchanged. The only fees are in the form of filing and time lost to go to court.

Are celebrities are unique from most employees. Living in a state that has excessive fines, people start losing luxuries. They no longer supply paper cups and plastic spoons in the break room. It is too expensive. Businesses cut corners. Cutting corners means a loss of wages, benefits and other incentives for work. Employees let them do that, because they want to keep their job.

It is a scam. The company got there money back. No one was penalized except for the employees.

Now corporation can claim exception from discrimination lawsuits. It costs too much money. They will go out-of-business.

It is a lie. They are not going out-of-business. They have found away to purchase more luxury items for themselves. There does not seem to be anyone doing anything about illegal contracts.

It might be difficult to do business in the Unites States. There seems to be a functional dishonesty in business. There is research to find out how much to charge, instead of; how much it costs to make, transport, house and sell a product.

I have noticed people giving grandiose statements about how much the consumer is being overcharged. The writer does not factor employee wages and benefits. They want everyone to work for free. It seems like everyone wants more money without the responsibility of paying anything.

Money is a limited resource. It is not hypothetical. It is based on calculations involving bartering to settle a debt.

What will government do? It is like a young child complaining to their parents. The parent gives in and tries to make everything alright for the child. Taxes are also finite.

I hate being conned and people dispensing inaccurate information. If they really wanted to solve this, it should be treated like the war on drugs. People should not have to file a complaint to be treated fairly.