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Friday, June 23, 2017

Diplomatic Strides

Diplomacy is quirky. Involvement in politics is peaceful though having a disagreement. This makes arbitration and planning functional. Many people wars are politics. Most history books focus on war. After the war is won; the rebels are captured, or the laws have been enforced, we go back to making sure there is a chicken in every pot.

There is a current issue that progress can be made with peaceful protest. It does not make sense to have a violent protest against war. As a peaceful protest, we find similarities and build a plan that does not go against the directive.

How does a peaceful protest look and feel? It is going to work, paying bills and sending money to makeup for past wars or demonstrate an interest in peace.

While giving to charity, we can pay-it-back. A different look at charity, people say to pay-it-forward.With international consciousness, I feel it is important to pay-it-back.

Paying-it-back is an acknowledgement of other cultures and countries importance to the functioning of your country of citizenship.

While paying-it-back, some countries appear on the global list of potential targets for the United States government. A peaceful demonstration involves giving charity to these countries. Taking an interest in their welfare, government sees potential for other options.

Another political agenda is to payback past wars. In the last century, the United States has become a military presence in the global economy. After World War I and World War II, we received money through treaties that do not need to be paid back.

Germans, Italians and Japanese are paying. We received land in the form of the US Virgin Islands, Guam, the Marshall Islands and so-on. With incentive, there appears to be a test phase before beginning a war.

This was a mutually beneficial path for the United States when it began. As a new nation, we needed the ability to defend our borders. As a new military leader, we could profit and further our position in a global market. Now, we have the ability to defend ourselves and going to war has become a liability. How do we stop?

Nixon passed laws to give incentives to companies and corporations to build in foreign nations. People were worried about losing jobs. Nixon said jobs in shipping would increase. It was believed internal companies would remain domestic manufactures to produce goods.

These tariffs generate income for the United States. It is a peaceful maneuver after being sheltered from the rest of the world. However, every time a war begins our peaceful companies appear to be affluent spies.

Tiring of the war, people are connecting incentives and mercenaries. Most countries built by mercenaries collapse. The next wave of citizens developing international consciousness are suspicious of the United States.

In the 1970's, it became cliche to be thankful for your food because people are starving in other countries. In the 2000's, people are growing tired of political interference and want to take an individual stance in the global market.

Germany finally paid off World War I. Vietnam went back to China after the United States resumed slave standards for mining metals and minerals. South Korea is returning to China. They are thinking about becoming a sovereign nation. Global hysteria has take root after the war on Iraq. It is believed is related to increased gas prices and a relationship to Saudi Arabia.

It is becoming a popular plan to payback wars. Focusing on internal job growth is important, we will need supplies and goods. I would like incentives to build in foreign countries to stop.

People know they disagree. There is the option to begin building a platform for the changes they seek; instead of, aggressive insults and attacks on government.

I recognize part of my education comes from Vietnam War and Korean War treaties. There is an outstanding debt. I benefited from it. I am able to find work now. I will donate money to Vietnam.

I trust Habitat for Humanity. They are a national charity that is verifiable. It is possible to designate money to a specific country or region.

By addressing the direct problem and deciding to pay off a debt, an awkward rebellion makes the changes to have other options. It is a straightforward opinion about living correctly.

I am not mad at the government. If the United States was taken over, I would lose a lot.

Proactively expressing a political opinion, violence and vulgar language are avoidable. It takes a historical and political knowledge to formulate realistic plans. Understand the problem, correct the problem and promote a solution.

We do not want to go to war so go to work, make money, help economy to send charity to other countries. These plans are not easy. It might take generations to find real solutions. This is not the first or last movement in relation to the same current event. It does not have to be perfect. It does need to make sense.